Nicola Elam
ABOUT Nicola Elam

Nicola Lynn Elam is an emerging real estate agent with a fresh perspective and a deep-rooted understanding of land and property management. Though new to the real estate industry, Nicola brings a wealth of experience from her decade-long involvement in her family’s land clearing business. This unique background equips her with a comprehensive knowledge of property development and land preparation, making her a valuable asset to her clients. As a new real estate agent, Nicola is enthusiastic about helping clients find their ideal homes and investment properties. Her commitment to providing excellent service, coupled with her practical experience in land clearing, allows her to offer insightful advice and innovative solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Nicola’s dedication to her clients and her community, combined with her hands-on experience in the land clearing industry, sets her apart as a real estate professional who understands every facet of property development from the ground up.