Adam Johnson
ABOUT Adam Johnson

Adam was born in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and raised abroad as a child of the military lifestyle. He has lived in South Korea, Okinawa, Japan, and Hawaii. In 2002, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served for over 20 years. His duty assignments included bases in Georgia, Alaska, and Hawaii before his final duty station here in Oklahoma. During his time in the service, he served five combat tours overseas. Adam has dedicated his life to other people and continues to do so as a Realtor with Salt. His ambitions are to specialize in clientele with military and first responders backgrounds; proudly serving others who serve. Adam earned a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science degree in Psychology and a degree in Criminal Justice. He and his beautiful wife Janelle share three sons together. Adam’s unrivaled passion as a Realtor, is mirrored by his unwavering commitment to getting the job done correctly, as well as his ability to adapt to and overcome challenges. People have been his business for as far back as he can remember. It is for that reason he believes whole heartedly in the concept of making friends and clients—in that order.