Meghann Baker
ABOUT Meghann Baker

I’m a real estate agent with Salt Real Estate specializing in Downsizing and First Time Home Buyers. As an agent, the most important thing to me is that my clients are satisfied and feel taken care of. I make sure I am prepared to protect my clients’ interests every step of the way. I am honest and quick with my communication, and I believe the process is about my clients’ first and everything else second. On a personal note – I specialize in Downsizing and First Time Home Buyers for a reason. Before I was an agent, my loved ones had to downsize. They worked with an agent who was rushed and commission hungry. As a result, they suffered. I want to stop that from happening to anyone else. When it comes to First Time Home Buyers, I am a recent first-time buyer myself. After years of renting, my family was finally able to buy, and it was a GREAT! I can honestly say I think of these two experiences every day, and I am very passionate about helping others navigate these huge decisions. Whether you are buying, selling or just have questions, reach out anytime. I’d love to tell you how I can help!