Heather Wolf
ABOUT Heather Wolf

I am passionate about serving people, new experiences, food, laughter….and real estate.  I was asked once what I would look for in a real estate agent.  My obvious answer was, Me! I want a person who can provide easy to understand information, who I can trust to do right by me, and someone who will work as diligently and efficiently as possible. Those qualities have supported my professional career.  I started in real estate as an investor.  Buying, fixing, and selling homes and businesses.  I have now translated my experiences as an investor to benefit my clients.

I am extremely client focused, obsessed with details and love to have fun throughout the process.  Our journey may include purchasing your first home, upgrading to a forever home, or finding investment properties.  No matter what your needs are, my mission is to become your ‘Realtor for Life’ by creating trust and loyalty with you while we build your real estate portfolio together.